Jolies Petites Garces (1979)

Alternative Title:
Nice Bad Girls

Year: 1979
Country: France
Genre: Classic, Romance
Quality: DVDRip
Language: Original

Director: Marc Dorcel
Studio: Marc Dorcel Productions

Starring: Marilyn Jess, Isabelle Forestier, Piotr Stanislas
—Isabelle (Julia) and her sister Marilyn discover together in the bathroom the heady delight of lingerie belonging to their mother. Isabelle the beautiful brunette is picked up by a young stranger who takes her in his car to a parking lot and, despite her misgivings, they make love without shame, causing a state of excitement as she agrees to oral sex. The same evening he comes to see her and after much caressing, he undresses her and they fuck frantically in all positions. The blonde Marilyn, surprised and terribly exhilarated in turn, manages to seduce the lover of her sister, angering the latter, which results in a good fight between girls in an alluring flight of petticoats. Victory goes to Marilyn who delights in the amazing body of this young man particularly well endowed. Finally the two cute little bitches are reconciled in the arms of their lover together in a delirious threesome
—Piotr seems to be daydreaming and remembering how he first met and had sex with two sisters. Sex scenes are intercut with brief shots of Piotr sitting at a desk and smoking as he reminisces.
First we see the two girls in a bathroom in front of a mirror trying on sexy lingerie (non-sex, nude). Then Piotr approaches Julia on a sidewalk and entices her to join him in his car. They drive into an underground parking garage and have oral sex in the car.
Next Julia receives Piotr in a plush apartment. She is wearing fancy black formal attire, and he quickly strips her down to long black gloves, nylons, garter belt and pumps. They have sex in many positions, and he cums on her belly.
Then Piotr and Julia are sitting together in a bedroom — she is wearing white silk panties and lingerie, her breasts fully exposed. Marilyn comes into the room wearing a sexy red dress and Julia introduces her to Piotr. He sits down between the girls on a couch and begins fondling and caressing Marilyn, as Julia watches looking annoyed. Julia grabs Marilyn by her hair and the girls have a catfight on the bed, as Piotr eggs them on, laughing and enjoying the show. Finally Julia leaves and the other two have sex, Marilyn offering mild resistance at first but eventually submitting and apparently enjoying the sex (bj, fucking in a few positions, final half-hearted tickfuck, he cums on her upper chest; she keeps on her white camisole and black pumps).
Julia returns to the bedroom and there is a brief threesome, with Julia sucking his cock as Marilyn is still entwined, then both girls suck cock but this is cut short.
Cut to Marilyn and Piotr, now dressed and standing in the same bedroom. She is wearing all black, but different lingerie than Julia wore earlier and no gloves. He quickly strips her down to garters, stockings and pumps, and he kneels down to eat her pussy. She is standing with one leg propped up on a table looking very tasty as he eats her out. She returns the favor, bending down to suck his cock, then he sweeps her up and carries her to the bed. They have sex in assorted positions including a standing doggie. Final cumshot may have been faked, but the scene is a hot one regardless.
Finally we see Piotr at his desk answering a phone call. He looks very pleased — maybe it’s one of the girls inviting him over?

File Size: ~700MB
Resolution: 700×568
Duration: 50 min
Format: mp4

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