Ribu Aristokrat 37: Jung, Erfahren Und Verdorben (1980’s)

Starring: Barbara Moose, Karin Hofmann, Paola Pasetti
Description: Young, Experienced and Depraved
Angela, a money-forger’s daughter, shall be picked up abroad by a fellow-worker, by the name of Mario. Without her parents knowing about it, she – black-haired and 19 years old has already experienced everything which one can experience sexually, doing so with her boss (a photographer) and in the brothel.
When Mario is now finally getting her home after great efforts and toil, she falls in love with him.
Angela’s mother, a constantly lewd person, already had relations with Mario and feels the Mario/Angela ties to be a heavy humiliation for herself. She gets doubts about her own attractiveness. Mad of anger about it, she unscrupulously gets a fellow-worker to fuck her lustfull and violent!.

File Size: 130MB
Resolution: 640×480
Duration: 11 min
Format: mp4

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Ribu Aristokrat 37 Jung Erfahren Und Verdorben.mp4 – 129.6 MB

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