Ribu Exclusiv 20: Flash-Sex (1970’s)

Starring: Jane Iwanoff?
Description: Claudio came into the photo-studio of Nora, his best girlfriend, because she has to take of him some passport pictures. But unexpected he notices, that Nora is more interesting for him than all photos. The flashing-light of the defect photo-flash-lamp increases the feeling of them and the mutual orgasm terminates with an orgy.
On the next day Nora visits her girlfriend Natascha. Both are relaxed sitting together and talking, when unexpected Louis came, an old boyfriend of Natascha. While Natascha is boiling a pot of tea, Louis makes love with Nora. And when Natascha is coming with the tea, both are sitting calm and cool together. Now Nora goes away, but suddenly her car has been stopped. In the meantime Natascha and Louis spend a great orgasm
Footage from the 1979 adult feature film ‘Claudio und seine Gespielinnen’

File Size: 228MB
Resolution: 640×480
Duration: 18 min
Format: mp4

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Ribu Exclusiv 20 Flash Sex.mp4 – 227.8 MB

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