Straßenfieber (1982)

Alternative Titles:
Une Épouse à tout faire
A Wife That Does It All

Year: 1982
Country: France
Genre: Classic, Feature
Quality: VHSRip
Language: German

Director: Jean-Claude Roy (as Patrick Aubin)
Studio: Alpha France, F.F.C.M.

Starring: Hubert Geral, Carole Pierac, Cathy Menard, Isabelle Brel, Annouchka, Dominique Aveline
—Tired of the monotony of their sex life, a couple decides to “go loose”. Both indulge in their most shameful impulses…masochistic impulses, sadistic impulses… She becomes a female-bitch running all the orders of a pervert master that can’t get satisfy. Starts for them a hallucinating climb…
A triumphant success welcomed the release of this film on September 15, 1982 in the rooms ALPHA-FRANCE movie theaters
—Serge and Caroline, a Parisian couple, no longer want to be bored with their boring circle of friends. Since after five years of marriage stew a little variety would be good, the two start looking for suitable objects. She is a little shy at first, but soon she shakes all her inhibitions off and enjoys the beautiful torments of lust. Greta, the fast-paced nanny, has to be the first to believe it: Serge first nibbles her, then Caroline and finally both. Ann, the long-legged Australian beauty, prefers to be whipped beforehand. A brisk hitchhiker is immediately served in the car, even a prostitute has trouble fulfilling the unusual wishes of the two. Serge and Caroline try it everywhere, even in an adult cinema he gives her to a man and watches them
—A ‘young and modern’ couple devotes themselves to various experiments with a hitchhiker, a babysitter, an Australian, a prostitute and a cinema-goer. At the end of an overloaded day, the couple decides to live with the babysitter.

File Size: ~1000MB
Resolution: 640×480
Duration: 79 min
Format: mp4

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