The Treasure Box (1979)

Year: 1979
Country: USA
Genre: Classic, Comedy, Mystery
Quality: VHSRip
Language: Original

Director: Jerome Bronson
Studio: VCA, Rojer Films

Starring: John Leslie, Nancy Hoffman, Gary Goodman, Eric Edwards, Mimi Morgan, Chris Cassidy, Cecil Johnson, Howard Gar, Richard Underhill, Laurence Jarry, Claire Braun, Henri Treadeau, Claude Pere, Ellen Earl, Heather Fields
—Richardson Miles, king of Porno Film Producers is dead and his last will and testament to his heirs Is a roll of 8mm film with some hardcore footage that contains the clues to the hiding place of his fortune. It seems that if the money is found it is taxed as ‘salvaged’ and not as ‘Inherited’ funds. This Is a big loss for the tax collection people and they’re angry. Rumpieton Miles, Richardson’s brother, Is also given a book with some auxiliary clues. All the heirs get copies of the film and the tax people also get a copy.
The next day, Rumpleton and his wife Fitila wake up and make love while they discuss the problems they anticipate deciphering the clues in the film. They decide to team up with Richardson’s adopted black nephew, Brindle, and his live-In girlfriend, P.L.
The teams form up. Brindle, P.1., Rumpleton and Fitila race against time and the other treasure seekers. daughter Heidi Ho and her boyfriend Dr. Alvin Topsy and his mentor, the famous French sleuth, Inspector Cleausneau and a third team of two bumbling tax collectors. Into the wee hours of the night they study the film over and over again.
Brindle and P.L. suggest that the four of them act out the hard core antics in the film to get the feeling of the thing and discover emotionally the clues. The orgy commences and continues on and on.
The tax collectors carefully watch the houses of the other teams. Inspecotr Cleausneau also trains his eyes on the details of the super hot porno loop and its Inner meanings. Heidi Ho turns In for the night and a hot shower.
Rumpleton’s non-stop orgy/examination is interrupted by the pizza delivery boy who also gets Involved in the action, which Rumpleton is now directing much like his brother did in the film. Rumpleton rents tons of equipment, and decides to make a film of the action.
The tax people and Cieausnea simultaneously break the symbolism of the film.. water, gambling, a red scarf, black clothes… .obviously a reference to some Nevada location. Heidi Ho suggests her dad’s retreat in Lake Tahoe and the team is off with the tax people in pursuit. Alvin and Heidi Ho discover each other In the back seat of the Inspectors van.
The destination turns out to be Climax, Nevada, where twists of fate find Heidi her Inheritance. The tax men get stranded In the desert without gas and bock home Rumpleton evolves into what his brother wished him to be.. .a great porno film director. The last wishes of Richardson Miles have been realized, just as he know they would be
—A pornographic filmmaker dies, and his last will and testament is shown to his survivors in the form of a self-made film. In the film, he tells them that he is going to show them a porn “loop” (short film) that contains clues to the location of his fortune, and whoever solves the mystery and finds the hidden treasure will get his entire fortune. In this way, the lucky winner will avoid paying an inheritance tax. Besides his immediate survivors — a twin brother, a nephew, and a daughter — two inheritance tax agents are present at the will’s “viewing”, and all of them join in the treasure hunt, the two agents hoping for a promotion if they find the loot. The twin brother and his wife join forces with the nephew and his girlfriend, and the four of them act out scenes in the porn loop, hoping to discover the clues by mimicking the various sexual encounters. The daughter is helped by an old friend of her father’s — Inspector Cleausneau, a spoof on the French inspector from the Pink …

File Size: ~900MB
Resolution: 464×352
Duration: 84 min
Format: mp4

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