Wara 45: Gefallene Südfrüchte (1980’s)

Starring: Uschi Karnat, Hannelore Lust, Britt Corvin (non-sex)
Description: Every day funny Emilio is wandering with his varied barrow full of fruits and vegetables, accompanied by Mario and Maria, through the old city of a small village in Italy. Mario, a young, hot cock shows those moist widows, who buy his green food, what’s all about bis keen push-service at every turn. Sensuous Maria also belongs to the fallen fruits of this asparagus agent, ans before the last banana is sold, she gets her dally ration free of charge, to some extent specially served. Once fussy, awkward Emllio, always friendly and in a good temper, has trouble with a policeman concerning his tradellcence, which is said to be invalid. During the riot Mario has the chance to place his spicy cucumber for a speedy and private action in the opposite house. After that they all pass on with ease. On another occasion it looks like fat Emilio gets his chance, too. A little girl takes this lame, green idiot through the narrow streets down to the river, where her mother is at the wash. However, even Emilio- disdains this windfall.
Qaulity of sound and pictures as always – bella primissimo!

Re-issued as CD-Film 523 and on Diamant Video 836

File Size: 148MB
Resolution: 720×576
Duration: 15 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
Wara 45 Gefallene Sudfruchte.mp4 – 148.3 MB

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