Wara 104: Leather Passion (1980’s)

Starring: Unknown
Description: Extravagantly and arrogantly Madame makes her hot cookies dance. Uncontrolled passions are wildly loosed. A man is brutally fucked up the arse by the Domina with a leather cock, while a lusting fetishist shags a leather clothed female slave as if possessed. She has rings on her vulva lips and wanks the love juice full into her face. The perverse donor pleasurably pisses it all of her again with a hard jet. A film for the really hardened 2 men and 3 women on a trip to the extreme with good picture and sound quality

File Size: 326MB
Resolution: 694×478
Duration: 20 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
Wara 104 Leather Passion.mp4 – 326.2 MB

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