Wara 67: Pippi-Squaw (1980’s)

Starring: Unknown
Description: Through the high grass near a river-mouth in the tropical Jungle of Central America a Cacador seas a little, rocking red-white Indio-feather. He steals after it and meets a sweet squaw, who cowers down and takes a piss right this moment. He knows the attrctive girls of this region – and he still has a few pesos left. Soon they agree and he fucks the lovely thing, at first she has to blow, then trying all positions. After that he travels on.
Some time later, near the coast, he watches two women fishing at the beach Indios! Suddenly one of them goes into the close bush. With his binoculars he finds – what a surprise – the same sweety girl he met before, once again taking a piss. Immediately he is on the spot. This time without pay he still fucks much harder than the first time. Secretly, because ma on the beach shall not take notice of anything, she gaily abandons her body to the greedy man, who tries to get his money’s worth again.
Hot Indio child, charming and desirable, piss-scenes at the beach, close-ups. funny film with good quality of pictures and sound.

File Size: 567MB
Resolution: 854×480
Duration: 14 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
Wara 67 Pippi Squaw.mp4 – 566.6 MB

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