Depravação, Orgia das Taras (1980)

Year: 1980
Country: Brazil
Genre: Erotic, Crime, Drama
Quality: HDTVRip
Language: Portuguese

Director: Luiz Castellini
Studio: Fauzi A. Mansur Cinematografica, GS Publicidade, Virginia Filmes

Starring: Patricia Scalvi, Matilde Mastrangi, Flavio Porto, Ju Martan, Sergio Hingsth, Andre Lopez, Celina Castro, Isa Mark, Pericles Campos, Noelle Pine, Ellen Salvador, Clayton Sarzi, Vera Mancini, Marcio Duarte, Tereza Rodrigues, Marcelo Coutinho, Beth Nanamy, Roberto Beraldo, Wilson Sampson, Wagner Cavalcanti, Suleiman Daourd, Roberto Gogoni, Lando Grandi
—Wilson, a traveler who recently arrived in a city in the interior of Sao Paulo, goes to a brothel where he gets involved in a fight between prostitutes. He is saved by Marcos, a local drug dealer with connections to Sao Paulo and other capitals, who offers him a job at his country house. With the help of Silvia, a sexy member of the gang, Marcos devises a plan that will lure Wilson into a sensual scheme endangering his life
—In Jandira’s brothel, there is a fight between prostitutes and Wilson, a traveler who recently arrived in a city in the interior of Sao Paulo is rescued by the local Marcos who brings him to his country house. On the next morning, Marcos offers him the job of lookout of his warehouse where he keeps a supply of fibers. Soon Wilson discovers that he is a drug dealer that supplies Sao Paulo. When Marcos brings his sexy wife Silvia to the house, she seduces Wilson as part of a scheme to lure Wilson. Then Marcos pretends to find that she is cheating him with Wilson and shots Marcos with a weapon loaded with blankets as part of his frame-up

File Size: ~2100MB
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 77 min
Format: mp4

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