Heavenly Desire (1979)

Alternative Titles:
Heavenly Bodies
Seka’s Heavenly Desire: The Lost Movie

Year: 1979
Country: USA
Genre: Classic, Fantasy, Western, Comedy
Quality: BDRip
Language: English
Subtitles: English

Director: Jourdan Alexander (as Jaacov Jaacovi)
Studio: VCA, Superfilm, Vinegar Syndrome

Starring: Aubrey Nichols, Dani Williams, Dayn Morgan, Debi Gunter, Hillary Summers, Eileen Wells, June Davis, Liza Dwyer, Seka, Serena, Stacy Goldman, Susan McQuire, Johnny Hardin, Henry Woods, Jamie Gillis, Jon Martin, Johnnie Keyes, Michael O’Leary, Mike Ranger
—In 1879 Wild West California, prostitute Mary Lou and her friend Rosebud are accidentally gunned down after witnessing the death of Mary Lou’s dim-witted lover Ralph. 100 years later, the Devil recruits the limbo-state souls of Mary Lou and Rosebud to return to their brothel, now a Los Angeles college sorority, to try to bring two newcomers to the place, Ellen and Sue, to make them lose their virginity to their boyfriends in order for them to gain access into swinging Hell
—The Devil recruits two seductive ghosts to try to make two virgins lose their virginity in a sorority house in order for them to gain entrance into Hell
—The gorgeous Seka and Serena play two old west prostitutes gunned-down in a shoot-out. Trapped in limbo for a hundred years, the girls make a deal with Satan – eternal sex in Hell if they can corrupt a sorority house filled with innocent girls. If they fail, Seka and Serena are threatened with a boring eternity in Heaven. One by one they transform the darling daughters of the rich into non-stop sex machines – much to the delight of the campus studs! Even Lucifer himself gets in on some of the action as the wickedness spreads like wildfire in… Heavenly Desire

File Size: ~6650MB
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 89 min
Format: mp4

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