Shiroi yubi no tawamure (1972)

Alternative Title:
Delicate Skillful Fingers

Year: 1972
Country: Japan
Genre: Erotic, Crime
Quality: BDRip
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English, Japanese

Director: Toru Murakawa
Studio: Nikkatsu

Starring: Ichiro Araki, Hiroko Isayama, Go Awazu, Hajime Tanimoto
—A sensitive girl (who even cries for wrecked cars being taken to the junkyard) falls for a pickpocket, after meeting him in a cafe. After the man gets arrested shortly thereafter, she hooks up first with his ex-girlfriend and then a guy who spent time in jail with him. In the process she becomes initiated into a world of petty theft even as the cops close in on the gang.
—Pickpocketing characters who would have been on the wrong side of the tracks in Nikkatsu Noir from a decade earlier, the screenplay by co-writer/(with Tatsumi Kumashiro) director Toru Murakawa slots them all into the Roman Porno genre with ease,via loner Yuki becoming entangled with each two-bit thief on the street, whilst the cops look over her shoulders as Yuki learns the moves of thrives. Told “The ceremony is over” (classy!) the writers neatly blend the skin flick antics with the Noir/crime thrills via Yuki’s loss of innocence also leading to a loss of any doubt on staying in the petty underworld.
Appearing to be illegally filmed outdoors, (the odd passing member of the public looks into camera) director Murakawa & cinematographer Shinsaku Himeda brush a Pop-Art shine on the flick with rapid whip-pans, reflecting pans along windows reflecting Yuki’s view,and closely-held hand-held tracking shots following the pickpocketing in the middle of a bustling city. Whilst offering all the naked Yuki you could want, Murakawa displays a subtle touch to the sex scenes, going from dark shadows and lingering close-ups on Yuki’s face, to glossy, glamour showcases for Yuki’s love of crime and Taku. Joined by Ichiro Araki as the swaggering with dark glasses, street-smart Taku, Hiroko Isayama gives a terrific turn as Yuki, thanks to Isayama pulling at Yuki’s anxieties until they snap to Yuki’s embrace of Taku and crime with her delicate skilful fingers.

File Size: ~6000MB
Resolution: 1916×784
Duration: 75 min
Format: mp4

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    File Size: ~950MB
    Resolution: 718×364
    Duration: 75 min
    Format: mp4

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    Shiroi yubi no tawamure.mp4 – 969.3 MB
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