Girls Come Too (1968)

Alternative Title:
How I Became a Nudist

Year: 1968
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Erotic
Quality: WEBRip
Language: Original

Director: Harry Kerwin, Larry Wolk
Studio: Monique Productions, Something Weird Video

Starring: Maria Stinger, Suzi Crandall, Silver Dawn, William Kerwin, Morganna, Harry W. Stinger
—A young model and her friends vacation at a horse ranch. The owner of the ranch is a nudist and takes the girls to a nudist camp to show them the wonders of nudism.
—Taking advantage of the then-recent Supreme Court ruling that “nudity in itself is not obscene,” HARRY KERWIN (Strange Rampage) filmed a bunch of nudist camp sequences with a healthy cast happily displaying pickles and beaver. He did not, however, film enough scenes to release it as a feature-length film. No problem. Harry simply spliced his full frontal footage into an earlier, non-explicit nudist camp flick, Nature’s Sweethearts – a 1963 IRVING KLAW production with BUNNY YEAGER as “technical coordinator” and co-edited by JOSEPH MAWRA – thereby creating Girls Come Too, the most schizophrenic nudist camp movie ever!
Real-life pinup model MARIA STINGER is taken to a nature camp by horse trainer DICK POWERS. There, she wanders around sun worshippers who sling-shot back and forth between the two extremes of the ’60s: clusters of big haired, hourglass shaped dolls coyly concealing their private parts, then – splice! – fully frontal swinger style nudists eagerly, downright brazenly, flaunting their pussies and peckers for the world to see.
It’s like the best of both worlds.
Of course, whether they’re displaying genitalia or not, both versions of nudist activity are equally inane as we witness the wonders of nude horseshoes, nude shuffleboard, nude hopscotch, and nude baseball. Then, of all foolish things, there’s even a nudist camp fashion show, followed by a good old-fashioned nudist camp wedding!
Hanging around the snatch-and-shaft swimming pool is future “Kissing Bandit,” MORGANNA (Riverboat Mama) in wacky sunglasses. And, if you watch carefully, you’ll also catch glimpses of Harry’s brother, WILLIAM KERWIN whose incredible exploitation career stretched all the way from Blood Feast to Porky’s II: The Next Day. (Bill’s dangling member can also be seen in Harry’s other nudist camp epic, Sweet Bird of Aquarius, 1970, shot at the same raunchy camp as here.)
It’s a genuine nudist movie mutant!

File Size: ~1050MB
Resolution: 640×480
Duration: 81 min
Format: mp4

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Girls Come Too.mp4 – 1.0 GB

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