A Place Beyond Shame (1980)

Year: 1980
Country: USA
Genre: Classic
Quality: WEBRip
Language: Original

Director: Fred J. Lincoln, Sharon Mitchell
Studio: Cybercraft, Vinegar Syndrome

Starring: Seka, Lori Blue, Don Fernando, Paul Thomas, Veri Knotty, Jon Martin, Lysa Thatcher, Ken Scudder, Jesse Adams, Bonnie Holiday, Diana Holt, Milton Ingley, Aaron Stuart, Sonya Summers, Blair Harris
—Seka discovers much to her horror that she has lost her sex drive to the point where she can no longer stand having a man even touching her. Seka seeks help from psychiatrist Michael, who uses hypnosis as a means for Seka to reconnect with her sexuality and resume satisfying her carnal desires
—International sex symbol, Seka, has lost her sex drive. So much so that even the mere touch of a man horrifies her. Frustrated and confused, Seka turns to a psychiatrist (Paul Thomas) who puts her into a hypnotic state to help rediscover her sensuality. Soon Seka finds herself in a world of unlimited ecstasy, observing and participating in encounters with men and women, each more exciting than the last.
—The movie stars Seka, who plays a woman named Seka who has apparently become repelled by the idea of having sex. After confiding with her friend Diana (played by Lori Blue), she is referred to a psychologist named Michael (played by Paul Thomas), who helps her “get in touch with her book of thoughts,” so that she can “complete (the) book,” and overcome the trepidation and shame she associates with sex. Through a series of psychoanalytic sessions in which Michael employs techniques such as hypnosis, Seka recalls various (predominantly sexual) incidents that occurred in her past.

File Size: ~2200MB
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 74 min
Format: mp4

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