Day of the Nightmare (1965)

Year: 1965
Country: USA
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Erotic
Quality: DVDRip
Language: Original

Director: John A. Bushelman
Studio: Screen Group, Something Weird Video

Starring: John Ireland, Beverly Bain, Cliff Fields, John Hart, Elena Verdugo, Jimmy Cross, Michael Kray, Maralou Gray, Bonnie Beckos, Bette Treadville
Description: Artist Jonathan Crane has a major problem with his girlfriend. Namely, he is his girlfriend.
“Hey, gang, there goes that bull dyke!” says STEVE VINCENT (Space Thing ) of neighbor Doris Mays, a creepy woman who enjoys stalking Jonathan’s wife. Steve’s smack in the middle of a topless swinger’s party when he glimpses Doris returning to her apartment. He also hears what sounds like Doris getting murdered by “boyfriend” Jonathan, who apparently carries away her corpse in a trunk.
Glum police detective JOHN IRELAND (I Saw What You Did) thus finds himself investigating “an alleged murder with an alleged victim with the alleged name of Doris Mays by an alleged lover nobody can identify.”
But Doris Mays isn’t dead and pops up inside the Crane home, chasing Jonathan’s wife with a steak knife. That gets Jonathan very upset. “I told you to leave her alone! You were dead! Dead! Now stay dead!” he screams in Doris’ empty apartment.
Unfortunately, Doris doesn’t stay dead and, after an hilarious flashback in which teenage Jonathan spanks a naked older woman, Jonathan puts on a dress and wig and, yup, becomes “Doris Mays.” (Nah, we ain’t ruining anything. Hell, this guy couldn’t pass for a woman in a home for the blind!)
“She” then visits Daddy (JOHN HART) and poignantly stabs him in the heart. Speaking with a woman’s dubbed-in voice (“Jonathan never was happy with you!”), he again comes after his wife in the hopes of obtaining a quick but messy divorce…
Day of the Nightmare is a real odd mix of sleaze, skin, and psychokookiness, and features fun cameos by ELENA VERDUGO (the gypsy wolfman-lover in House of Frankenstein) and, as a neurotic, the always outrageous LIZ RENAY (Desperate Living and, like John Hart, Blackenstein). Listed as Director of Photography is none other than cult director TED V. MIKELS (Corpse Grinders, Dr. Sex). And while it’s a little jarring seeing John Ireland and Miss Verdugo in a semi-nudie (though the nude scenes were no doubt added a couple of years later), it’s not half as unsettling as seeing an unconvincing transvestite psycho staring into a distorted spook house mirror and screaming his/her lungs out…
As one gal puts it, “Sex, any way you look at it, stinks.”

File Size: ~1450MB
Resolution: 714×480
Duration: 94 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
Day of the Nightmare.mp4 – 1.4 GB

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