Pornography in Hollywood (1972)

Year: 1972
Country: USA
Genre: Classic, Documentary
Quality: VHSRip
Language: Original

Director: John Kirkland
Studio: Kirt Films

Starring: Ron Darby, Robbin Day, Uschi Digard, Neola Graef, Eric Jeffrey Haims, John Holmes, Carlos Tobalina, George Berkeley, Gerard Broulard, William Howard
Description: A late entry in the wave of sexually explicit documentaries that briefly flooded theaters after the advent of hardcore, PORNOGRAPHY IN Hollywood, unlike a lot of its brethren, seems unusually focused on providing actual insight rather than simply serving as a compendium of footage for viewers’ mental spank banks. Harking back to the earliest hardcore sex exposes – which presumed far more narrative and educational pretext was necessary to “redeem” films’ explicit content – it’s still not terribly cogent as a documentary, but is of definite historical interest.
Given the content, the film might have been more aptly titled SEX IN Hollywood, since the majority of its build-up focuses on industries that, while definitely sex-related, are not always pornographic. The opening reel is largely devoted to exotic dancers (both male and female) and the proliferation of pornography in Hollywood generally, which leads to fascinating peeks inside newly opened adult bookshops and storefront movie theaters.
The film’s next section moves to interviews with filmmakers, and features both Carlos Tobalina and Eric Jeffrey Haims, with each of their new pictures highlighted in clips (I AM CURIOUS TAHITI and 101 ACTS OF LOVE, respectively). Tobalina in particular gets a fair amount of screen time, talking about the need for adult entertainment and his general philosophy of movie-making. In a surprising move that echoes the film’s cross-country counterpart PORNOGRAPHY IN NEW YORK, Hollywood also includes behind-the- scenes footage of a gay pic, interviewing a couple actors and showing them in action. Early ’70s pornography can be fascinating due to scenes like this, as the rules of the genre had yet to be fully written. While not common to begin with, this type of crossover footage would disappear almost completely within a year or so, as producers learned skittish male audiences wouldn’t stand for such gay scenes.

File Size: ~700MB
Resolution: 720×540
Duration: 69 min
Format: mp4

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