Quante volte… quella notte (1972)

Alternative Title:
Four Times that Night

Year: 1972
Country: Italy / Germany
Genre: Comedy, Erotic, Romance
Quality: BDRip
Language: English, Italian, English (Commentaries)
Subtitles: English

Director: Mario Bava
Studio: Delfino Film, Hape-Film Company GmbH, Arlington International Pictures

Starring: Daniela Giordano, Brett Halsey, Dick Randall, Valeria Sabel, Michael Hinz, Rainer Basedow, Brigitte Skay, Calisto Calisti, Pascale Petit
—John and Tina meet in a park one day. They immediately hit it off, go out on a date later that evening. The late that night, Tina’s returns to her apartment with her expensive new dress badly torn apart, and John’s forehead bosts some suspicous scratches. Three different people, John, Tina, and a doorman, give three seperate and different perspectives on what happened that night before the truth is revealed.
—While walking in the park with her dog in Castel Fusano, Tina flirts with Gianni, a playboy in a fancy sport car. They schedule a date for that evening, and she wears her most elegant and expensive dress. They go to a night club, where they meet some of Gianni’s friends: Duccio, Sergio and Pino. Gianni tries to abuse her, but she manages to escape, returns home and tells her version of the facts to her mother, Sofia who is more worried about how she has torn the expensive and elegant dress than for her daughter. Gianni returns to the restaurant with some suspicious scratches on his forehead, he claims to have conquered the girl who had to leave first. The doorman of Gianni’s palace tells a completely different version stating that the two entered at night bringing with them two friends named Giorgio and Esmeralda, finally even a psychoanalyst exposes his version of the facts. But the truth is revealed at the end

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Resolution: 1920×1038
Duration: 83 min
Format: mp4

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