Tentação na Cama (1984)

Alternative Title:
Temptation on the Bed

Year: 1984
Country: Brazil
Genre: Erotic, Drama, Comedy
Quality: HDTVRip
Language: Portuguese

Director: David Cardoso, Ody Fraga
Studio: Dacar Producoes Cinematograficas

Starring: David Cardoso, David Cardoso Jr., Tallyta Cardoso, Alcides Casari, Milton Donara, Rodrigo Farias, Dannys Fraga, Reginaldo Luiz, Simone Magalhaes, Marli Mendes
—In Sao Paulo, the lonely businessman Roberto Ramos has a broken leg plastered and is helped at home by his assistant Camila. Julia, his ex-wife, and a man called Fernando are interested in a mysterious key that Roberto possesses. The key opens a safe which contains an agenda with compromising information, property deeds and dollars. The duo goes out of their way to get information on where the key is hidden and that involves deaths, prostitutes and even kidnapping
—In Sao Paulo, the businessman Roberto has a broken leg plastered and is helped by his assistant Camila at home. His ex-wife and a man called Fernando are interested in a mysterious key that he possesses and Fernando sends three sexy women to Roberto’s apartment to seduce him and find where the key is hidden. Wilma, Helena and Dora have sex with Roberto while Camila snoops her boss at the door, but they do not succeed in their intent. Meanwhile a thief breaks in his apartment and Roberto kills him in self-defense. The detective in charge of the investigation believes that Roberto is a gangster and leader of a gang. Fernando sends a letter to Roberto and schedules a meeting with him in a restaurant. Fernando proposes a deal to Roberto but he does not accept. Late night, Roberto explains to Camila that the desired key opens a bank safe where there is a black book, deeds and dollars, but they are interrupted by criminals that break in the apartment. However Roberto and Camila kill two …

File Size: ~2400MB
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 82 min
Format: mp4

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Tentacao na Cama.mp4 – 2.3 GB

4 Responsesto “Tentação na Cama (1984)”

  1. Aykut Düz says:

    Quality is not bad but BraSil been showing upscaled films with really terrible interlacing artifacts.

  2. Mauro says:

    Ola galera Adultload, bom dia!!

    Um filme muito bom deste diretor:

    Titulo:Dezenove mulheres e um homem
    Diretor:David Cardoso

    Se possivel, gostaria que fosse postado.


  3. Mauro says:

    Os filmes postados neste site sao otimos. Parabens a toda equipe Adultload!!!


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