China Girl (BDRip) (1974)

Year: 1974
Country: USA
Genre: Classic, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Quality: BDRip
Language: English

Director: Paul Aratow (as Paolo Uccello)
Studio: Vinegar Syndrome, Summer Brown Productions

Starring: Pamela Yen, Annette Haven, James Hong, Tom Douglass, Louis Ganapoler, Bob Carr, Bruce Sung, Steve LaBounty, Barry Vane, Frank Pauchet, Edwin Gilman, Michael Forster, Ken Moshesh, Nathan McGee, Susie Song Li
—Top government agent, David Chase is assigned to protect renowned biochemist Teresa Hardgrave, who holds the formula for total recall. Seeking the formula are Madame Woo and her vicious boss, Mr. Chan, who kidnap Teresa and force her to undergo a series of sexual punishments
—The incredible Annette Haven stars as renowned biochemist, Teresa Hardgrave. Assigned to work with top government agent, David Chase (Tom Douglass), to infiltrate a sinister organization determined to rule the world through sexual dominance, Teresa soon finds herself kidnapped and held in in the clutches of evil mastermind, Madame Woo and her vicious boss, Y.C. Chan (James Hong) who doses her with ‘love serum’ and forces her to undergo a series of excruciating erotic punishments. Will David be able to save her before the serum drives her to the brink of sexual insanity?
—Ruthless international crime syndicate known as the Dragon finds a buyer, evil spy by the name of Mr. Smythe, for a secret formula that enables total recall. However, they need to steal it from the US government first by kidnapping two more scientists who worked on it, the always absent-minded Dr. Olinsky and feisty microbiologist Dr. Teresa Hardgrave. Therefore, CIA Chief sends secret agent David Chase to protect Teresa. When she turns out to be a highly intelligent, self-confident and seductive sexually liberated feminist, who clicks extremely well with open-minded Chase, the two immediately hit it off after a few stimulating conversations. As they make passionate love, Dr. Olinsky is kidnapped by the Dragon’s henchman and taken to their headquarters, where villainous Madame Woo shows Smythe their new technique of torture through pleasure. Victims of both sexes are sexually stimulated to the point of orgasm, but since they’re unable to actually achieve it thanks to a special drug, …

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    Theatrical poster repaired for fold damage and color shift.

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