Grand Opening (1985)

Year: 1985
Country: USA
Genre: Classic
Quality: DVDRip
Language: English

Director: Roy Karch
Studio: Atom Home Video, Jelly Roll Company

Starring: Erica Boyer, Kristara Barrington, Rachel Ryan, Summer Rose, Kevin James, Peter North, Tom Byron
—Kevin James and Tom Byron play a couple of well-heeled business partners who are getting ready for the grand opening of their new mall in this light-hearted 1985 romp. Tom is staying at Kevin’s majestic mansion until the big day, and the guys spend their leisure time engaging all manner of merriment. While Kevin gets some oral loving from Asian gal pal Kristara Barrington, Tom is out by the pool enjoying a passionate plunge with shapely Summer Rose.
Things get even spicier when Kevin comes outside and joins Summer and Tom for a torrid threesome. When chief accountant Peter North shows up, he finds Kristara alone in the shower a situation he quickly rectifies by joining her in a steamy sizzler. This scene really rocks, with Kristara and Peter pulling out all the stops in a pulse-pounding crowd pleaser. Finally, fashion models Rachel Ryan and Erica Boyer show up to discuss the grand opening Kevin’s hired them to work the crowds, but they end up working over one another in a lusty lesbian tryst worth viewing.
For pure, unfettered action and endlessly alluring 80s temptresses, ‘Grand Opening’ delivers the goods and then some!
—Two successful business men (Kevin James and Tom Byron) are having a grand opening of their new business venture the coming week-end and are relaxing at Kevin’s spatial digs to release their pent-up stress with wanton abandonment! While Kevin receives oral stimulation from the exotic Far-East goddess Kristara Barrington, Tom is busy skinny dipping in the pool with the wet, wild, and always playful Summer Rose. When Kevin joins the amorous duo in the pool, a steamy threesome ensues. Meanwhile, accountant Peter North arrives to find an equally steamed Kristara in the shower. He quickly hops into the vaporous atmosphere working Kristara into a frothing lather. Soon after, models Rachel Ryan and Erica Boyer arrive to talk about the grand opening where they are to entertain the shopping malls new customers. Getting into the festivities, the girls engage in a spirited sapphic soiree that brings down the house!

File Size: ~800MB
Resolution: 640×448
Duration: 90 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
Grand Opening.mp4 – 786.7 MB

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