Un jeu brutal (1983)

Alternative Title:
A Brutal Game

Year: 1983
Country: France
Genre: Crime, Drama, Erotic
Quality: BDRip
Language: French
Subtitles: English, French

Director: Jean-Claude Brisseau
Studio: Les Films du Losange

Starring: Bruno Cremer, Emmanuelle Debever, Maria Luisa Garcia, Albert Pigot, Lucien Plazanet, Humbert Balsan, Jean Douchet, Lucienne Le Marchand, Liliane Gaudet, Catherine Griffoni, Marie-France Mignal, Jean-Claude de Goros, Veronique Grard, Charles-Hubert Ordinis, Aurelie Sterling
—In this darkly fascinating tale, Professor Tessier (Bruno Cremer), a famous scientist, has an unruly adolescent daughter, Isabelle, who is paralysed from the waist down. From the outset we learn that Tessier is a killer, systematically murdering children who vandalised his lab. Tyrannical and extremely controlling of his daughter, Tessier is also an introverted figure that at times evokes pity. As he descends into a moral abyss his daughter Isabelle increasingly opens up to the world.
Avoiding serial-killer movie cliches, Brisseau has crafted a mesmerising character study, anchored by stunning performances from Emmanuelle Debever and Bruno Cremer. Brutal, passionate, obsessive and pertinent, A BRUTAL GAME (UN JEU BRUTAL) remains to this day one of the most powerful and shocking French films.
—A strict father imposes impossible guidelines on his disabled daughter which reflect his secret, tortured life.

File Size: ~6250MB
Resolution: 1480×1080
Duration: 91 min
Format: mp4

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