Die sieben Männer der Sumuru (1969)

Alternative Title:
The Girl from Rio
Future Women

Year: 1969
Country: Germany / Spain / USA / UK
Genre: Action, Adventure, Erotic
Quality: BDRip
Language: English
Subtitles: English

Director: Jess Franco
Studio: Ada Films, Terra-Filmkunst, Towers of London Productions

Starring: Shirley Eaton, Richard Stapley, George Sanders, Maria Rohm, Marta Reves, Elisa Montes, Beni Cardoso, Herbert Fleischmann, Geraldo Jose Torres Camargo, Maria de Lourdes, Yuma Duarte, Cornelio dos Santos Farias, Jess Franco, Valentina Godoy, Alberto Land, Decio Leal, Paulo Leitao, Dilma Loes, Oswaldo Matesco, Elidio Nunes, Brunildes Fernandes Queiroz, Fernando Reski, Walter Rilla, Roberval Rocha, Edson Freitas Silva
Description: Jeff Sutton arrives in Rio de Janeiro with a suitcase with 10 million dollars, and the powerful mobster Sir Masius sends his henchman Carl with his gangsters to follow Jeff and get the money. Jeff has one affair with the manicure Leslye and succeeds to escape from Sir Masius’ mobsters. Meanwhile, Sumuru, the leader of the women of the City of Femina that wants to defeat the men and take over the world, captures Jeff and brings him to Femina expecting to get the money. Sumuru has several prisoners locked in glass cages, including Ulla Rossini, who knows Jeff Sutton. Jeff discloses to Ulla that his arrival is part of a plan to save her from Sumuru. Jeff Sutton becomes a pawn in the middle of the war between Masius and Sumuru

File Size: ~6700MB
Resolution: 1808×1080
Duration: 94 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
Die sieben Manner der Sumuru.mp4 – 6.5 GB
Die sieben Manner der Sumuru.rar – 44.3 KB

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