Sex Humor Video (1992)

Alternative Title:

Year: 1992
Country: Argentina
Genre: Erotic
Quality: VHSRip
Language: Spanish

Director: Alejandro Cristian Fernandez

Starring: Javier Portales, Katja Alemann, Mirtha Busnelli, Camila Perisse, Hugo Soto
Description: As in the USA they have their humor magazines like “National Lampoon” or “Mad”, and here in Spain we had “El Papus”, “El Cuervo” or, still in force, “El Jueves”, Argentines have “Sex Humor ”, which would be a bit more or less the same as those previously mentioned; a comic book publications with erotic and political content for adults.
The funny thing about all this is that this magazine had its film version. Or rather, its videographic version.
In 1992, the movie of the same name as the magazine, “Sex Humor”, appeared for rent in Argentine video clubs, in which we see a series of short stories with erotic-festive content, which are all linked by a common thread. In this case, that thread is that of a married couple who, willing to consummate the sexual act, are interrupted for any number of reasons (a tent that someone has set up in their living room! Or as they would say, in their “Living ”). Meanwhile, through the hands of the couple a magazine, “Sex Humor”, they read it, and this will increase their desire to fuck. Each chapter that they read is staged in images, which are the stories that make up the film.
Starring Javier Portales, seen in the American films of “Parchís” and in some of Olmedo and Porcel, the grace of this film lies in its origin (a magazine) and the fact that it is shot on video. A very clear and very beautiful video, yes, and a more dynamic and successful montage than the many videos that appeared in our country in the eighties. However, this comes out in the nineties, which is a little behind the movies made on video for the video club.

File Size: ~900MB
Resolution: 680×540
Duration: 92 min
Format: mp4

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Sex Humor Video.mp4 – 908.0 MB

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