Shôjo jigoku ichi kyû kyû kyû (1999)

Alternative Title:
Girl Hell 1999

Year: 1999
Country: Japan
Genre: Horror, Erotic
Quality: DVDRip
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English

Director: Daisuke Yamanouchi
Studio: Japan Video Distribution (JVD) Co. Ltd.

Starring: Natsumi Harada, Yuusuke Kimura, Toshimaru Murai, Sheena Nagamori, Tsuyoshi Okuno, Salmon Sakeyama, Kana Sakurai, Kazuhiro Sano, Yoko Satomi, Taishi Takemoto
—A girl enjoys riding her bike and she meets her homeless mother in a field who is breastfeeding a doll (actual milk comes out). One day she comes back home and she sees her father abusing her older sister who is bandaged almost head to toe. A rich pervert is stalking her and she encounters two teenagers on a murder and abuse rampage. Japanese exploitation director Daisuke Yamanouchi specializes in making obscure and very nasty pinku eiga oriented films filled with sadistic abuse and sexual abuse. “Girl Hell 1999” has a feeling of “Red Room” movies and “Mu Zan E” as it offers plenty of nihilism. An interesting curio for fans of ero gro. All others should avoid it.
—Two maniacs go on a abuse spree, brutally battering their victims with a baseball bat repeatedly before abusing them and then battering them again until their victim is dead (hence the title of the film)… but this time they picked the wrong girl..she extracts a harrowing and bloody revenge on the people that violated her

File Size: ~1150MB
Resolution: 720×480
Duration: 66 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
Shojo jigoku ichi kyu kyu kyu.mp4 – 1.1 GB
Shojo jigoku ichi kyu kyu kyu.rar – 1.4 MB

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