Les héroïnes du mal (1979) (FullHDRip)

Alternative Title:
Immoral Women

Year: 1979
Country: France
Genre: Erotic, Drama
Quality: BDRip
Language: French, German
Subtitles: German

Director: Walerian Borowczyk
Studio: Argos Films, Films du Jeudi Les

Starring: Lisbeth Arno, Jacky Baudet, Pierre Benedetti, Jean Boullu, Robert Capia, Pascale Christophe, Philippe Desboeuf, Jean-Claude Dreyfus, Gerard Falconetti, Hassane Fall
—The first episode – featuring frequent Borowczyk muse Marina Pierro – is the longest and, in a way, most substantial: it’s set in Renaissance Rome, with the lusty (and perpetually nude) leading lady sexually involved with famous painters and church benefactors. The second episode is the most notorious and, consequently, gave the film its controversial poster – featuring a rabbit slowly disappearing under the skirt of a teenage girl (played by Gaelle Legrand). The third and final episode, which has a modern-day setting, is the shortest – but also, possibly, the most outrageous: Pascale Christophe is a young married woman who’s abducted on a busy Parisian street by a small-time hood hidden inside a cardboard box
—Three immoral women – three exciting erotic stories about not knowing the boundaries perfidy of women of all ages.
All of these stories were good, but the bunny one is pretty special. The girl who stars in it is very cute, and plays the part very well. Her family is very angry at her because she always plays with the bunny, and lets the bunny run around the house crapping in the kitchen. They seek to get revenge on her in a very cruel fashion. Caution!!!! There’s a lot of very beautiful nudity and sexual subjects remain throughout the film. If you’ve enjoyed other Borowczyk films , you will no doubt enjoy this one as well
—Three women and three erotic tales. 1- Margherita: Did the great Renaissance painter Raphael Sanzio die because of the cold he took in the ruins of Rome? Or was it out of pleasure? Only one person knew the truth: Margherita Luti, the ardent and ambitious Roman daughter of a baker who, posing as a model and being the artist’s lover, witnessed her last moments of life. 2 – Marcéline: At the age of 14, Marcéline has never loved anyone or anything except a big rabbit with pink ears, transparent in the sun. She called him “Souci.” Who could imagine that this angelic face hid a heroine of evil? 3 – Marie: The Paris of today also has its “heroines of evil.” Marie, the wife of a rich art collector, is kidnapped by a gangster. César the dog, on his own initiative and in secret, decides to find his lover and avenge her

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Duration: 115 min
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