Horas Fatais (1987)

Alternative Title:
Fatal Hours

Year: 1987
Country: Brazil
Genre: Classic, Action, Crime, Thriller, Horror
Quality: HDTVRip
Language: Portuguese

Director: Francisco Cavalcanti, Clery Cunha
Studio: Plateia Filmes

Starring: Farah Abdala, Regina Andrion, Angelica Belmont, Nereide Bravo, Fabricio Cavalcanti, Francisco Cavalcanti, Oswaldo Cirillo, Clery Cunha, Ery Cunha, Lilian Goncalves, Henrique Guedes, Albert Karlinski, Jose Lopes, Jose Mojica Marins, Marthus Mathias, Celma Petrovicki, Joao Paulo Ramalho, Turibio Ruiz, Sata, Darcy Silva
—Two rapists brutally abuse and kill two sisters. The only witness to the crime is a young boy, one of the sisters’ son, who comes home just as the rapists are leaving. One of the rapists is the son of the city’s judge, and his crime is covered up by the corrupt police office headed by Dr. Honorio (played by Coffin Joe). The police chief and his henchmen try in vain to buy the silence of one of the victims’ husband who, despite being arrested and tortured, does not give up doing justice and plans revenge
—Two rapists abuse and kill two sisters, but are covered up by the city police, who sell themselves to the father of one of them. Despite being arrested and tortured by the bandits, the husband of one of the victims does not give up doing justice and plans revenge

File Size: ~1700MB
Resolution: 964×720
Duration: 98 min
Format: mp4

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