Expo Film 081: Anal Shafting (1970’s)

Starring: Lene, Pia
Description: Two couples are sitting at home chatting. But why is there a wicked glint in the two girls’ eyes? The two men have been discussing their favorite topic — BIG TITS! A pair of boobs is flashed and the action be-gins… What lovely soft flesh, perfect for biting, sucking and kneading! The second shock of the evening (but certainly not the last) is when the fat pricks penetrate… that’s up to you to guess! But don’t worry there’s masses of juicy action and a couple of very satisfied ARSE-HOLES!

File Size: 77MB
Resolution: 544×416
Duration: 08 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
Expo Film 081 Anal Shafting.mp4 – 77.3 MB

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