La mansión de los muertos vivientes (1985)

Alternative Title:
Mansion of the Living Dead – Die Residenz der reitenden Leichen
Das Schloss der reitenden Leichen

Year: 1985
Country: Spain
Genre: Erotic, Horror
Quality: BDRip
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English

Director: Jess Franco
Studio: Severin Films, Golden Films Internacional S.A.

Starring: Lina Romay, Antonio Mayans, Mabel Escano, Albino Graziani, Mari Carmen Nieto, Elisa Vela, Eva Leon
—Living in a town near Munich, four waitresses at a topless joint decide to take a few days off work to visit the sunny Gran Canaria. Following the travel agency’s recommendation, they finally arrive at this dream hotel by the beach, filled with high expectations of having a good time; however, right from the start, the girls sense a strange vibe. Why is this hotel completely vacant, and the beach mysteriously deserted? After the initial disappointment, the secretive director of the hotel, Carlo Savonarola, shows them to their rooms, but soon, the wailing sound of the wind blowing, and the echoes from the empty corridors that bring chills down the spine, will demand answers. Is this situation linked somehow to the grim history of this hotel? What lies hidden behind the thick stone walls of the nearby abandoned convent which dates back to 1749?
—Four strippers take a vacation and wind up at a Spanish resort complex that, despite the hotel receptionist’s claims of it being fully booked, appears to be completely empty. After one of the girls mysteriously vanishes and another ends up dead in the pool, both accompanied by the tolling bell from a nearby monastery, Candy and Caty must try to solve the mystery that seems to involve the Spanish Inquisition.
—The Perverted Virgin and the legendary Lina Romay of Barbed Wire Dolls – arrive for vacation in the Canary Islands where they soon indulge their hungers for masturbation, lesbian lust, bondage and beyond. But the ultimate depravities are still to come, as a nearby 17th Century monastery unleashes a horde of zombie Templars crazed for the taste of hot female flesh!

File Size: ~6550MB
Resolution: 1920×872
Duration: 78 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
La mansion de los muertos vivientes.mp4 – 6.4 GB

2 Responsesto “La mansión de los muertos vivientes (1985)”

  1. Not To Be "That" Guy says:

    Just a little note – I think this is an edited version of the film b/c it’s cropped at the bottom, losing a lot of frame.

    For example, you can’t see the full body nudity of the actresses and it’s mostly reduced to topless shots. I went back to the previous upload of the film (Mansion of the Dead) just to make sure, and yeah, that version showed a lot more of that casual Franco nudity. Sorry for being nitpicky goof, and thank you for the site!

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