La Femme en noir (1988)

Alternative Title:
The Woman in Black

Year: 1988
Country: France
Genre: Classic
Quality: DVDRip
Language: French

Director: Michel Ricaud
Studio: Video Marc Dorcel

Starring: Tracey Adams, Uschi Karnat, Vivian Caster, Caroline Laurie, Christoph Clark, Franck Balard, Sophie David, Sylvie Mace, Nathalie Marel, Philippe Soine, Roberto Malone, Jerome Proust
—Roberto Malone is a rich man who is obsessed by females in widows’ weeds as a result of some upskirt glimpses, as a teenager, of female relatives after a funeral. He has a video on this theme which he watches while having sex (with Uschi Karnat), but the tape breaks. He tries to obtain a replacment but it is out of print and the master is lost. So he gets Uschi Karnat to commission Christophe Clark to remake it, interrupting another film being made. We see the shooting of the new film starring Tracy Adams and other girls. These include Laura Valerie, Marie-Christine Covi and Susan Turner
—A monument of refined perversity, the achievement of very special fantasies, a complete hardcore cocktail with, for the first time in Marc Dorcel’s productions, one of the most beautiful and famous adult movie actress of the USA, Tracey Adams.
—A rich man, who realized as a teen that his relatives look hot in widow’s weeds, has a fetish tape of women in widow’s weeds having sex. However, the tape breaks so he organizes a porn movie shoot to make himself another one.

File Size: ~900MB
Resolution: 720×480
Duration: 96 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
La Femme en noir.mp4 – 870.4 MB

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  1. Richard Lindley says:

    Could you please upload and post these movies in a single MP4 format with the best resolution possible. Viola Noblesse 4 : Das Busen Wunder (1993) 1:27:50 Starring Georgina Lempin. Ficken Zum Ersten zum Zweiten (1991) 1:16:15 Starring Georgina Lempin. Coming In America (1988) 1:11:46 Starring Carla Ferrari. Busting Out (1988) 1:14:22 Starring Carla Ferrari. Thankyou

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