I vizi morbosi di una governante (1977)

Alternative Title:
Crazy Desires of a Murderer

Year: 1977
Country: Italy
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Erotic
Quality: BDRip
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English

Director: Filippo Walter Ratti
Studio: Gi.Ba.Si. Cinematografica

Starring: Corrado Gaipa, Roberto Zattini, Isabelle Marchall, Annie Carol Edel, Gaetano Russo, Giuseppe Colombo, Adler Gray, Claudio Peticchio, Patrizia Gori, Sergio Orsi, Rino Bellini, Ambrogio Molteni
—A group of hip friends gather at a Gothic castle owned by a wheelchair- bound older relative of one of the girls. One couple in the group, unbeknownst to the others, is smuggling heroin in some Chinese artifacts the protagonist has brought back from the Orient to give to her elderly relative. Meanwhile the deranged uncle of the protagonist, who supposedly killed the protagonist’s mother (his own sister) and cut out her eyes, is wandering the catacombs spying on everyone. When one of the guests is murdered and her eyes subsequently disappear, suspicion naturally falls on the mad uncle. But is he being set up?
—A young Countess, Ileana, arrives to her family mansion with her friends, most of which are hippies and students belonging to subversive movements. The mansion is inhabited by Ileana’s father who’s tetraplegic and unable to communicate following a severe paralysis, and her younger brother, who’s mentally alienated and devoted to embalming animals. Berta, the housekeeper, and the family doctor, also reside in the house. Some of Ileana’s guests start to get inexplicably killed. The killer also removes the victims’ eyeballs.

File Size: ~6350MB
Resolution: 1920×1036
Duration: 89 min
Format: mp4

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  1. Richard Lindley says:

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