Snapdragon (1993)

Year: 1993
Country: USA
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Erotic
Quality: BDRip
Language: English, Russian

Director: Worth Keeter
Studio: Prism Entertainment Corporation, H.O. Productions

Starring: Steven Bauer, Chelsea Field, Pamela Anderson, Matt McCoy, Kenneth Tigar, Larry Manetti, Rance Howard, Gloria LeRoy, Diane Hsu, Irene Tsu, Michael Monks, John F. O’Donohue, Drew Snyder, Phillip Troy Linger, Michael Chong
—One night armed men burst into the bedroom of a well-to-do family. Having brutally murdered the mother and father, they kidnap their young daughter. The terrified child is burnt with a mysterious mark on her body – the Sign of the Dragon, used in the ancient East to mark concubines.
According to legend, the “marked” girls served as saviors of human souls, killing the man at the moment of orgasm. According to the beliefs of the ancients, the souls of the dead, freed at the moment of the highest pleasure, moved into other dimensions, and the deceased received deliverance from their sins.
A few years later, a series of murders occur in the city. A girl, while making love, slits her partners throat, leaving behind the Sign of the Dragon drawn in blood. Investigators and police psychologist David Stratton begin their investigation.
—Two men have already been killed during intercourse by a prostitute. The young Sergeant Peckham is transferred from vice to homicide squad for the investigation. She asks her boyfriend, police psychologist David Stratton, for an analysis. Shortly after he’s introduced to amnesia patient Felicity, a stunningly beautiful blonde. She tells him of her nightmares, in which she kills her lovers. But since he’s got a crush on her, he doesn’t draw a connection to Peg’s case… not yet

File Size: ~7500MB
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 99 min
Format: mp4

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