Un bianco vestito per Marialé (1972)

Alternative Title:
A White Dress for Marialé

Year: 1972
Country: Italy
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Erotic
Quality: BDRip
Language: German, Italian
Subtitles: English, German

Director: Romano Scavolini
Studio: KMG Cinema, Rewind Film

Starring: Evelyn Stewart, Luigi Pistilli, Ivan Rassimov, Pilar Velazquez, Edilio Kim, Gengher Gatti, Giancarlo Bonuglia, Gianni Dei, Ezio Marano, Shawn Robinson, Franco Calogero, Carla Mancini, Bruno Boschetti
—When Marile is a little girl, she sees her father murder the two lovers and then shoot himself in the head. About 30 years later, she lives in a mansion and has mental problems. She invites a number of friends and one by one they become murdered
—As a Child Mariale witnesses her father kill her mother. Years later, she spends her life with little contact from the outside world living in a gloomy castle. One day, however Mariale decides to invite some friends over the weekend, but as the decadent party turns into an unbridled orgy the first gruesome murder occurs

File Size: ~6300MB
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 88 min
Format: mp4

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