La settimana al mare (1981)

Alternative Title:
The Week at the Beach

Year: 1981
Country: Italy
Genre: Comedy, Erotic
Quality: DVDRip
Language: Italian

Director: Mariano Laurenti
Studio: Cleminternazionale Cinematografica

Starring: Anna Maria Rizzoli, Enzo Cannavale, Bombolo, Andrea Occhipinti, Lucio Montanaro, Annamaria Clementi, Tamy Anderson, Brigitte Petronio, Jimmy il Fenomeno, Francesca Romana Coluzzi, Paola Senatore, Vincenzo Crocitti
Description: Carlo is a young university student of psychology who still lives with his parents. The father, Antonio pretending to be accompanied on business in Saudi Arabia, decides to take him with him to a seaside resort, to make him become a real man by letting him know a woman. Arrived in the hotel, Carlo meets the beautiful Angela, director of the hotel and falls in love. His father, however, does not know that his son is already doing well with the women: he uses psychology to seduce them. So, while his father tries to find a woman, Carlo begins to seduce Angela, who, however, discovers that in reality Carlo is not shy and embarrassed, and becomes furious with him for lying to her. Meanwhile, Carlo’s mother, while talking to a friend, discovers that her husband has not left for Saudi Arabia but is at sea with Carlo, and she reaches there, threatening him for a divorce. At this point, Carlo and Angela unclose that Angela is pregnant

File Size: ~1500MB
Resolution: 624×352
Duration: 86 min
Format: mp4

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