Pink Flamingos (1972)

Year: 1972
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Erotic
Quality: BDRip
Language: English, English (Commentaries)
Subtitles: English

Director: John Waters
Studio: Dreamland

Starring: Divine, David Lochary, Mary Vivian Pearce, Mink Stole, Danny Mills, Edith Massey, Channing Wilroy, Cookie Mueller, Paul Swift, Susan Walsh, Linda Olgeirson, Pat Moran, Jack Walsh, Bob Skidmore, Pat Lefaiver, Jackie Sidel, Julie Munshauer
—Notorious Baltimore criminal and underground figure Divine goes up against Connie & Raymond Marble, a sleazy married couple who make a passionate attempt to humiliate her and seize her tabloid-given title as “The Filthiest Person Alive”.
—Sleaze queen Divine lives in a caravan with her mad hippie son Crackers and her 250-pound mother Mama Edie, trying to rest quietly on their laurels as ‘the filthiest people alive’. But competition is brewing in the form of Connie and Raymond Marble, who sell heroin to schoolchildren and kidnap and impregnate female hitchhikers, then sell the babies to lesbian couples. Finally, they challenge Divine directly, and battle commences.

File Size: ~5700MB
Resolution: 1800×1080
Duration: 94 min
Format: mp4

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Pink Flamingos.mp4 – 5.5 GB
Pink Flamingos.rar – 52.6 MB

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