Il Domestico (1974)

Alternative Title:
My Darling Domestic

Year: 1974
Country: Italy
Genre: Comedy, Erotic
Quality: TVRip
Language: Italian

Director: Luigi Filippo D’Amico
Studio: Medusa Distribuzione

Starring: Lando Buzzanca, Martine Brochard, Arnoldo Foa, Silvia Monti, Femi Benussi, Leonora Fani, Paolo Carlini, Enzo Cannavale, Nanda Primavera, Renzo Marignano, Antonino Faa di Bruno, Erika Blanc, Luciano Salce, Gordon Mitchell, Josiane Tanzilli
Description: A simple soldier in the Second World War, Rosario Cavadunni, known as Zazà, was taken from the cafeteria, where he served as a waiter and was assigned to Badoglio. The marshal, however – these are the days of the Armistice – just in time to see him while fleeing from Rome. Shipped to Germany, Zazà first entered the service of a senior German officer and then, upon the arrival of the allies, an American commander. When the war is over he returns to Italy and works as a servant in the home of a film producer who entrusts him with painful results. Subsequently, Zazà serves the family of a Roman nobleman, and then, a couple of spouses from the “particular tendencies”. Finally, it is the turn of an oilman, the engineer Perigatti – whose wife, a former prostitute, is an old acquaintance of Zazà. He, who secretly finances the parties, plays him a bad shot and Zazà ends up in jail, where, after trying in vain to prove his innocence, will be happy to ask, always as a waiter, in the service of fellow prisoners.

File Size: ~1400MB
Resolution: 720×576
Duration: 99 min
Format: mp4

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Il Domestico.mp4 – 1.3 GB

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