Erotic Tales: Volume 05 (1990’s)

Year: 1990’s
Country: Germany / Georgia
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Thriller, Erotic
Quality: DVDRip
Language: English, Georgian, Russian

Director: Giorgi Shengelaya, Rosa von Praunheim, Hal Hartley
Studio: Regina Ziegler Filmproduktion

Starring: Ya Parulava, Zaza Papuashvili, Celina Wieczorek, Mikheil Gomiashvili, Jeff Stryker, Luzi Kryn, Karl-Heinz Teuber, Sirena Irwin, Selene Luna, Miho Nikaido, Valerie Celis, Ling
1. Georgische Trauben
“This is the first Georgian film to feature a nude female body. The days drag on slowly for its heroine Lia, who spends them in a remote Georgian village surrounded by beautiful vineyards. But the charms of a girl at the zenith of her beauty elude even her husband, who is more interested in his car repair shop. It is there that he meets a visiting beauty who needs her car repaired. Leah smells a rival as soon as she sees her, but the girl realizes that she has to try hard to outdo the fancy miniskirt.”
2. Can I Be Your Bratwurst, Please? / Die schönste Sache der Welt
“A great chance to test how much of a porn actor can be an actor in the more traditional sense of the word. The legendary Jeff Stryker plays a handsome young man whose arrival in Hollywood has left no one indifferent to the residents of the hotel where he is staying. And though the guests themselves are one more colorful than the other, they are all as one crazy about the new lodger. Their obsession leads to a denouement during Christmas dinner, turning this novella into a black comedy.”
3. Kimono
“On a hot summer day, a young woman in a wedding dress is thrown out of a car in the middle of a country road. Walking dazed through the field and dark forest, she stumbles upon an abandoned house. Tired and exhausted, she lays down to sleep, but soon the sound of thunder interrupts her rest. The girl finds a package with a kimono and a cup of hot tea. It becomes apparent that the abandoned bride is no longer alone in the woods, but who and why invites her to wear the Japanese garment is yet to be discovered.”

File Size: ~1350MB
Resolution: 768×576
Duration: 83 min
Format: mp4

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