Babe (1981)

Babe (1981)

Year: 1981
Country: USA
Genre: Classic
Quality: BDRip
Language: English
Subtitles: English

Director: John Christopher
Studio: Arrow Productions, Vinegar Syndrome

Starring: Tara Aire, Carter Tweasdale, D.J. Owens, Dexter Booth, Fred Rein, George Payne, Jim Davey, Steve Milner, Josh Andrews, Justin Case, Lisa B., Marco Nero, Matt West, Patrice Trudeau, Richard Lowenkron, Rick Marx, Rob Roy, Robynne White, Rod Pierce, Ron Hudd, Ron Jeremy, Samantha Fox, Tamara West, Tiffany Clark, Veronica Hart
Description: Babe is one of New York’s top fashion models. She’s got almost everything anyone could ask for, but when her grandfather dies, making her the sole heir of his vast wealth, Babe is ready to leave her career behind and settle into the lap of luxury. Although, in order to clear the will’s stipulations she must make one major lifestyle change: get married or lose her fortune. Her boss, Dori, is dealing with an equally significant dilemma: the prospect of losing her best model – and most valuable asset. Therefore putting her mind to the matter, Dori devises a devious plan to set Babe up with an eligible bachelor – only to bilk her of her cash, thus forcing her to go back to work. After a tense search, Dori thinks she’s found Babe’s perfect match – a hack actor named Chad who has dreams of creating an improbably expensive stage show, to be bankrolled by Babe. Will Chad and Dori see through on their plan to bankrupt Babe or will true love find its way through improbable odds?

File Size: ~4950MB
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 82 min
Format: mp4

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