L’amour, l’argent, l’amour (2000)

Alternative Title:
Love, Money, Love

Year: 2000
Country: Germany / Switzerland / France
Genre: Drama, Romance, Erotic
Quality: WEBRip
Language: German
Subtitles: English

Director: Philip Groning
Studio: ARTE, Balzli & Cie Filmproduktion, Bavaria Film

Starring: Sabine Timoteo, Florian Stetter, Michael Schech, Dierk Prawdzik, Marquard Bohm, Gerhard Fries, Thomas Gimbel, Lothar Kompenhans, Julia Lindig, Mia Moser, Meral Perin, Helmut Ruhl, Heiner Stadelmann
Description: David, a 20-year-old scrapyard worker who has just been fired, and Marie, a prostitute with her dog, cross paths on a wintry street in Berlin on New Year’s Eve. Both of them are dissatisfied with their current situations; Marie does not want to work in a supermarket, while David does not want to return to his old job. They decide to rebel against the capitalist system and set off on a journey. However, their money soon runs out, and as David’s arm is in a cast due to an accident, Marie continues to sell her body to fund their restless journey through the Ruhr region. Despite facing various challenges, their love for each other and their determination to survive help them navigate through all obstacles.

File Size: ~4250MB
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 127 min
Format: mp4

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Lamour largent lamour.rar – 47.2 KB

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