Pussycat Film 480: Spunky Sportsmen (1980’s)

Starring: Barbro
Description: After a little football practise in the park, Barbro invites the three boys she’s been watching round to her house for a little relaxation. After a while one of the boys puts down the book that he’s reading and starts to get very familiar with Barbro, who responds to his naughty touches by allowing ail three horny lads to take her clothes off and practise a few unorthodox moves on her body. Barbro loves pricks – the more the merrier – and having had a ride on a couple of them first, she proceeds to milk all three erect male organs into her mouth and over her lovely, youthful body and cunt!

File Size: 117MB
Resolution: 768×576
Duration: 07 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
Pussycat Film 480 Spunky Sportsmen.mp4 – 117.2 MB

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