Pussycat Film 489: Anal Sisters (1980’s)

Starring: Joyce
Description: Whilst Jenni is doing her younger sister Lena’s hair, her lecherous boyfriend suggests that she looks at some very naughty pictures of her older sister in the nude. This inspires Jenni to suck his meaty prick which turns Lena on no end. Whilst Jenni rides with his cock firmly embedded in her tight puckered arsehole, the younger girl masturbates furiously. Then she’s given two large dildos to play with before she gets fucked in the cunt and arse too! A little more exciting dildo play from Jenni leads to lucky Lena receiving a faceful of warm, glutinous spunk from her sister’s extremely randy boyfriend!

File Size: 67MB
Resolution: 544×366
Duration: 07 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
Pussycat Film 489 Anal Sisters.mp4 – 66.7 MB

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