Simona (1974)

Alternative Title:

Year: 1974
Country: Italy / Belgium
Genre: Drama, Erotic
Quality: WEBRip
Language: Italian

Director: Patrick Longchamps
Studio: Les Films de l’Oeil, Rolfilm Produzione

Starring: Laura Antonelli, Marc Audier, Ramon Berry, Arturo Colonello, Maurizio Degli Esposti, Michel Lechat, Patrick Magee, Margot Margaret, Jo Maxane, Yvette Merlin, Quentin Milo, Ludovica Modugno, Germaine Pascal, John Trigger, Raf Vallone
—While at a bullfight Simona begins flashing back to a torrid sexual relationship she had with George (Maurizio Degli Esposti). Her relationship with George was one of open sexual discoveries which eventually led to revenge and murder.
—Simone remembers the day when she and Georges were making love on the beach and a girl spied on them. As they made friends with Marcelle, they found out that she was under the control of her demented father and wicked uncle. Simone, Georges, and Marcelle became a ménage à trois, but tragedy struck and it all ended. While watching a bullfight, Simone is reminded of these events from her past.”

File Size: ~5100MB
Resolution: 1920×1040
Duration: 84 min
Format: mp4

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    Language: Italian
    Subtitles: English

    Simona (1974) screencaps

    File Size: ~1150MB
    Resolution: 720×544
    Duration: 82 min
    Format: avi

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    Simona.part2.rar – 295.0 MB
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