Raquel’s Motel (1970)

Alternative Title:
Uschi’s Hollywood Adventure

Year: 1970
Country: USA
Genre: Romance, Erotic
Quality: DVDRip
Language: English

Studio: Cinecenta

Starring: Maria Arnold, Ron Darby, Uschi Digard, Nora Wieternik
Description: See USCHI french kiss a foot-long hotdog!Gasp in amazement at her gravity-defying pumpkins! Thrill to USCHI and her coital colleague MARIA ARNOLD in the climactic group orgy! Gag in horror at the acne-scarred hillbilly stud who wears two different colored socks!
This paean to perversity features monster-titted sex goddess USCHI DIGART in another sin-soaked, soft-X bonanza of blazing lust.
Uschi is a peek-freak who admits, “There aren’t too many women voyeurs around, but I’m one of them!” She operates a sleazy motel that’s “rigged with secret panels and peepholes.”
John, “a good, strong, sturdy-looking guy” and his new bride Barbara (MYCLE BRANDY), check into the motel on their honeymoon. Uschi, nostrils flaring, spies on them as they have a pillow fight then consummate the marriage: “He was some man. He met her stroke for stroke and she gave him one hell of a ride!”
Back in her bed, Uschi wiggles out of her low-cut nightie. She kisses her reflection in the mirror, tweaks her erect nipples, rubs baby oil over her volcanic tits and grinds her hips against the furniture. (If this scene doesn’t bang your gong, it’s time to get a new drum kit!)
In no time our newlyweds are crotch-deep in carnality. John goes all giddy over a horny maid (skin flick veteran MARIA ARNOLD). He bends her over a table and skewers her doggie style. While this is happening, Uschi is delivering her own special brand of “room service” to Barbara.
Uschi’s Hollywood Adventure (a.k.a. Raquel’s Motel) culminates in a 4-way orgy: “The more the merrier!” If you’re a fan of Uschi Digart – and who the hell isn’t? – this movie will affect you the same way a full moon affects a werewolf.

File Size: ~550MB
Resolution: 640×480
Duration: 57 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
Raquels Motel.mp4 – 570.5 MB

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