The Element of Crime (1984)

Original Title:
Forbrydelsens element

Year: 1984
Country: Denmark
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller, Erotic
Quality: BDRip
Language: English, Danish (Commentaries)
Subtitles: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish

Director: Lars von Trier
Studio: Det Danske Filminstitut, Per Holst Filmproduktion

Starring: Michael Elphick, Esmond Knight, Me Me Lai, Jerold Wells, Ahmed El Shenawi, Astrid Henning-Jensen, Janos Hersko, Stig Larsson, Harry Harper, Roman Moszkowicz, Lars von Trier, Frederik Casby, Duke Addabayo, Jon Bang Carlsen, Leif Magnusson, Preben Lerdorff Rye, Camilla Overbye Roos, Maria Holkenfeldt-Behrendt
Description: Fisher, an ex-cop, returns to his old beat somewhere in northern Europe after a thirteen-year hiatus in Cairo. His former mentor and role model, author of a treatise called “The Element of Crime”, asks him to solve a series of murders involving lottery ticket sellers. Guided by the theories put forth in the book, Fischer retraces the steps of a suspect, Harry Grey, as recorded in a three-year-old police surveillance report

File Size: ~6400MB
Resolution: 1920×1012
Duration: 104 min
Format: mp4

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The Element of Crime.rar – 115.1 MB

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