G-Strings (English Language) (1984)

Year: 1984
Country: USA
Genre: Classic
Quality: VODRip
Language: English

Director: Henri Pachard
Studio: Command Video

Starring: Alan Adrian, Annette Heinz, Cassandra Leigh, Dixie Dew, George Payne, Jerry Butler, Justin, Kelly Nichols, Lee Allen Richardson, Mari Lynn, Nicole Bernard, R. Bolla, Sharon Kane, Spring Taylor, Susan Nero, Tea Cat
Description: Produced, Written and Directed by the legendary Henri Pachard, G-Strings was considered, at the time of it’s release, avant garde at best and depraved at it’s worst. Billed as the most shocking erotic film, Kelly Nichols was quoted a saying “I never thought sex was dirty…. but what Henri Pachard made me do in G-Strings makes me feel ashamed” Pachard explores the psyche and motivations of a compulsive transvestite functioning as a successful executive working in New York’s Garment district. George Payne is superb in the lead role. Kelly Nichols plays his enabling and love starved girlfriend. R. Bolla, Sharon Kane, Annette Heinz and Susan Nero round out the cast in this tale of depraved sexual indifference.
Original Liner Notes:
The glittering facade of New York’s fashion world shatters and the sexual pit steams before us. Henri Pachard is baring his soul, and it is a dark one. His bizarre tale penetrates the life of David, a garment business executive who has built up boss Jacob’s profits by living a double life. He moonlights by cross-dressing as “Carol”, the firm’s top designer! The only person aware of David’s alter-ego is his girlfriend Fran. Both David and Fran are in agony over David’s compulsion but he cannot stop himself. Even on the way to an important buyer’s meeting, he finds himself lured into a sleazy encounter with two hookers- one of whom holds a large surprise up her skirt. Meanwhile, fetishist Jacob and his incredibly zaftig lover explore the depths of sexual experience in a probingly original way. A model who has been in love with David for months is humiliated in his office to straighten him out. At the film’s climax, David, in his Carol incarnation, dressed as a beautiful woman and armed with paraphernalia of an unspeakable sexual sophistication takes Fran in a scene so radical that it has become notorious, as G-Strings itself is nototrious- the most shocking X-rated film ever made

File Size: ~1200MB
Resolution: 640×480
Duration: 81 min
Format: mp4

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