Paradiso Blu (1980)

Paradiso Blu (1980)

Alternative Title:
Blue Paradise

Year: 1980
Country: Italy
Genre: Adventure, Romance, Erotic
Quality: VHSRip
Language: Italian

Director: Joe D’Amato
Studio: Santo Domingo Universal

Starring: Anna Bergman, Dan Monahan, Lucia Ramirez, John Richardson
Description: A hot stewardess (Anna Bergman–yeah, as in Ingmar Bergman’s daughter) and an annoying whiny guy (Dan Monahan–yeah, the dude from PORKY’S) get stranded on an island after their plane crashes into the ocean. Then there’s a good 40 minutes of bullshit talking and sexual tension (albeit thankfully interspliced with gratuitous intermittent nudity on the part of Bergman), until finally the guy fucks the girl…

File Size: ~850MB
Resolution: 640×480
Duration: 91 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
Paradiso Blu.mp4 – 869.7 MB

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