Anna, quel particolare piacere (1973)

Anna, quel particolare piacere (1973)

Alternative Title:
Anna: The Pleasure, the Torment
L’emprise des sens

Year: 1973
Country: Italy
Genre: Crime, Drama, Erotic
Quality: WEBRip
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English, French

Director: Giuliano Carnimeo
Studio: Compagnia Cinematografica Champion, Dania Film

Starring: Edwige Fenech, Corrado Pani, Richard Conte, John Richardson, Laura Bonaparte, Ettore Manni, Corrado Gaipa, Antonio Casale, Umberto Raho, Bruno Corazzari, Carla Calo, Aldo Barberito, Wilma Casagrande, Tom Felleghy, John Bartha, Carla Mancini, Bruno Boschetti, Shirley Corrigan, Iride De Santis, Vittorio Pinelli, Paolo Lena, Ennio Balbo, Gabriella Giacobbe
Description: Anna is quiet, living with her parents, cashiering at a café bar in Bergamo. She meets and falls for Guido, a Milanese gangster in town to lie low. He pursues her, but also warns her that he’s no good. She goes to Milan with him anyway. When she witnesses a Mob hit, Guido’s boss wants her compromised so she will never testify against them: Guido pushes her into prostitution. When she becomes pregnant and Guido wants her to have an abortion, she rebels. Can she escape “the life,” or is death the only alternative? What about the child?

File Size: ~5700MB
Resolution: 1920×816
Duration: 95 min
Format: mp4

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Anna quel particolare piacere.mp4 – 5.5 GB

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