Mujeres salvajes (1984)

Mujeres salvajes (1984)

Alternative Title:
Savage Women
Morderische Frauen

Year: 1984
Country: Mexico
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller, Erotic
Quality: WEBRip
Language: Spanish

Director: Gabriel Retes
Studio: Cooperativa Rio Mixcoac

Starring: Tina Romero, Jorge Santoyo, Patricia Mayers, Abel Woolrich, Vicky Vazquez, Gonzalo Lora, Tomas Leal, Isabel Quintanar, Alejandro Tamayo, Jose Luiz, Cecilia Toussaint, Pedro Alberto Mendez, Lucia Pailles, Alejandra Cardoso, Irma Garzon
Description: A group of women escapes from prison. They know where to find a gold treasure, but they don’t have food, guns, or tools to dig for the treasure. They are trying to steal what they need from a bunch of guys, but one of the girls is killed and another one captured. The captive is telling the truth about the gold after she’s tortured with scorpions and spiders. Thus the two groups will face each other in a merciless fight for the treasure…

File Size: ~3550MB
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 82 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
Mujeres salvajes.mp4 – 3.5 GB

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  1. adultload says:

    Mujeres salvajes (1984) screencaps

    File Size: ~800MB
    Resolution: 640×464
    Duration: 82 min
    Format: avi

    Download Link(s):
    Mujeres salvajes.part1.rar – 263.8 MB
    Mujeres salvajes.part2.rar – 263.8 MB
    Mujeres salvajes.part3.rar – 263.8 MB

  2. David says:

    No sub?

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