Fannie’s Fantail (1985)

Fannie’s Fantail (1985)

Year: 1985
Country: USA
Genre: Classic
Quality: VHSRip
Language: English

Director: Vince Benedetti
Studio: VCA

Starring: Adia, Bobby Spector, Damien, Damien Cashmere, David Morris, Elliot Anthony, Magik, Ashley Wells, Rhonda Jo Petty, Rod Retta, Ron Jeremy, Scarlet Scarleau, Susan Nero, Tasha Voux
Description: You’d think that Selma Benjamin would be jumping for joy since her husband, Victor, made his fortune in pork bellies. But suburbia proves to be a big bore for the horny, gorgeous Selma, and she’s soon resorting to afternoon trysts with her old friend Dianne to tide her over before Victor comes home. The answer to Selma’s sexual malaise comes in the form of Fannie’s Fantail, the dream yacht that Victor’s always wanted – and finally bought. The happy couple waste no time in inviting their neighbors, Susan and Larry, for a high-seas adventure that becomes an aquatic orgy of titanic proportions. With Donald, the well-hung black boat captain at the helm, and Laura, the sexy white maid in the galley, the stage is set for sexual experimentation beyond the scope of human comprehension. In a mind-boggling dream sequence, Selma imagines she’s Cleopatra on her Nile barge, taking part in what has to be one of the biggest orgies ever lensed. In the end, Selma learns that suburbia does have its advantages, however sexually exhausting they may be.

File Size: ~1000MB
Resolution: 640×480
Duration: 84 min
Format: mp4

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