Akutoku no sakae (1988)

Akutoku no sakae (1988)

Alternative Title:
Marquis de Sade’s Prosperities of Vice

Year: 1988
Country: Japan
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Erotic
Quality: DVDRip
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English

Director: Akio Jissoji
Studio: Nikkatsu

Starring: Renji Ishibashi, Seiran Li, Koji Shimizu, Yasumi Hara, Kimiaki Makino, Kumiko Tachibana, Minori Terada, Miwako Yonezawa
Description: An obsession with the life and works of the Marquis de Sade leads a depraved, 1920s-era Japanese count down the path of tragedy and self-destruction in this erotic drama. In order to impress his wealthy, jaded friends, a decadent nobleman hires thieves, prostitutes, and other undesirables to reenact scenes from the notorious writer’s most revered works. In time, however, simply watching the performances isn’t enough to fulfill the nobleman’s fantasies. Threatening the performers with death should they refuse to make love to his wife while he watches, the nobleman sinks deeper and deeper into his fantasy world of debauchery, even as his degenerate actions threaten dire consequences for all involved.

File Size: ~1200MB
Resolution: 854×480
Duration: 96 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
Akutoku no sakae.mp4 – 1.2 GB

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