American Girl 03: A Tip For Skip (1980’s)

American Girl 03: A Tip For Skip (1980's)

Starring: Misty Regan, Mike Horner
Description: What would you do if a beautiful cocktail waitress spilled a drink all over your lap? You certainly don’t get mad when she gives you a big, sexy smile and hands you a note with her phone number on it! The rendevous is set for later that evening and, as the two settle down, she playfully spills yet another drink on Skip’s lap – but this time she personally removes his clothes and soothes his nerves by sucking him firm and erect! After a very sexy strip tease, they go hot and heavy in one of the most incredible lovemaking films ever!

File Size: 116MB
Resolution: 640×480
Duration: 08 min
Format: mp4

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American Girl 03 A Tip For Skip.mp4 – 116.3 MB

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