Sheremetevo-2 (1990)

Sheremetevo-2 (1990)

Year: 1990
Country: Soviet Union
Genre: Drama, Romance, Erotic
Quality: VHSRip
Language: Russian

Director: Yuri Kuzmenko, Irina Velikanova
Studio: «French Boulevard-33» Studio, «French Boulevard» Studio, Odessa Film Studios

Starring: Yury Belyayev, Oksana Kaliberda, Michael Khmurov, Valentin Nikulin, Yunona Kareva, Valentin Kulik, Aleksey Zolotnitskiy, Andrei Bortsov, Aleksandr Basaev, Dmitry Gusev, Ya. Kucher, Yu. Petlyakov, V. Shadrina, I. Vdovchenko, V. Dorman, G. Normatova, Yuri Polyakov, A. Yaroshevskiy
Description: An intelligent businessman from former engineers realizes that he is unlikely to be able to “turn around” in his homeland, and decides to emigrate. But for his beloved wife, the question is “to go or not?” not so rhetorical. That is why the journey to Sheremetyevo-2 airport turns out to be unexpectedly long and difficult for both spouses

File Size: ~1100MB
Resolution: 704×528
Duration: 79 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
Sheremetevo 2.mp4 – 1.1 GB

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